Argentine tango is a dance, way of communication and a cultural fenomenon all in one. If you can't decide whether or not to learn tango then read on.

Above all tango is about the contact. It has roots in Buenos Aires a hundred years ago and is one of the main aspects of Argentine culture. Tango technique developed to allow two people to join in one movement, understand each other without words. During the last hundred years the best tangeros raised tango to a level of the highest art, but it's important to realise that it came from the common people, European immigrants, and so its technique is easy and accessible to everyone. Tango also developed a specific code of behaviour: how to ask for a dance, how to behave at the dance floor towards other tangueros etc. Improvisation in close embrace helped forming a unique dance music with changeable rythm. There is also a tango fashion. Tango is a lot more than just another dance, you'll be discoverig a whole new tango culture!

In the last few decades tango became a worldwide fenomenon. Studying tango you'll learn a new "language" which will give you the ability to communicate without words with many people from different parts of the world. You will find new friends, you will be physically active, get a chance to express yourself and a chance to learn something about yourself too!

We recommend you to read the History of Tango, have a look at the FAQ, Teaching principles and Info and we hope to see you at a free introduction lesson. You can learn more about our approach to tango in Sketches section.

We will be glad to welcome you!